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SONIC® will assist you at multiple phases of the development process from Real Estate Site Selection to Site Design. Other types of assistance provided by our Development team include:

  • Architectural Building Design & Engineering Support
  • Review of Site during Due Diligence phase
  • Approved Contractors list
  • Bid review and comparison
  • Construction Project Management Guidance
  • Assistance with development of Construction Schedule timeline
  • Assistance with Vendor ordering from a preferred vendor list

Operations / Training:

SONIC® provides a structured and comprehensive training program that includes support from the Discovery process to opening a new drive-in and much more.  We are constantly working to evolve our training support to assist our Franchisees in multiple aspects of their SONIC life.

Training SONIC e-learning | iSONIC

SONIC E-Learning:

In addition to the Field Training sessions, we also provide SONIC eLearning. SONIC eLearning is a great example of how SONIC® embraces technology to engage today’s busy Franchisees and SONIC staffers. SONIC® provides certified training courses online such as Operations, Food Safety, Customer Service and Management training for our new and existing franchisee community.

Sonic Guys


SONIC® has made tremendous strides as a national brand with a significant increase in national television advertising. This is designed to increase customer awareness of the SONIC brand and our delicious food and drink variety, nationwide.

SONIC’s branding efforts are immediately recognizable and memorable, working on multiple levels to drive sales and build customer loyalty.

Our campaigns showcase the on-lot experience. They can be integrated across multiple day-parts. Our ad campaign focuses on our food and drink and fits well with social media initiatives. Our Two Guys ads are fun and use light-hearted comedy that appeals to a wide audience.

Additional support:

  • National Purchasing Program
  • Product Innovations
  • Staff Selection Training

We are proud to have pioneered the Brand in the San Diego DMA. Sonic's support of our store operations and development activity has been outstanding. Additionally, our same store sales growth has been impressive as we enjoy the results of SONIC's increased national media exposure.

- Max Gelwix, Franchisee of SONIC Drive-Ins, CA


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